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Customized Body Candles

Short Description:

Body Art Aromatherapy Candles Worship the Beauty of Life
Made with soy wax infused with water from fresh flower petals
A soft, non-abrasive scent

Mouth-watering, juicy scents for your olfactory pleasure.
There will always be an unexpected warmth that will bring you hope for life.

Warmth and fire
A romantic world for two
The warmth of flickering candlelight and the scent of the fragrance create a romantic atmosphere.

Candlelight flickering light and shadow colorful basket make the whole night become softer.

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Focusing on handmade styling class aromatherapy candles, will expand the aesthetics of fragrance and art sculpture process, breaking the boundaries of categories, candles as a medium, shaping a new way of life, aimed at presenting the delicate aesthetics of life at the same time, so that every fetishist to find their own "personal belongings", to open up a new atmosphere of aesthetics of the space.
Ancient Greece's artistic achievements, "sculpture" is definitely one of its most prominent part. They believed that "everything in the world is beautiful, sound spirit in a sound body." This "beauty" is due to the strict proportions of the body parts, which one never tires of seeing. These works, all of which featured nudes, celebrated the beauty of "strength", a spirit that has made its place in the history of art so important, and which has nourished the Western art scene for generations to come.

Product Features

"Handmade candles are a sensual art and a rational science."

Raw material selection
10+ kinds of natural waxes are strictly selected, the temperature and the ratio of essential oils are strictly controlled, different kinds of waxes are used according to the climate and the characteristics of the works, and various diameters of candle wicks are suitable for different works.

Rigorous craftsmanship
Before the new products are launched, we have done sufficient combustion test to ensure the fragrance expansion, the flow of wax tears and the burning time of the candles after lighting.

Careful attention to detail
Each candle craft is guaranteed to be perfect, reflecting the true spirit of craftsmanship, so that users can experience the temperature of handmade.

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