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Candle Shell Shape Therapeutic Aroma Candle Sea shell Candle

Short Description:

  • Product Name: Seashell Shaped Aromatherapy Candles
  • Weight: Small - 45g Large - 140g
  • Size: Small - D6*H4.5cm Large - D8.5*H6.5cm
  • Material: Soy wax/Paraffin wax
  • Essential oil material: Plant essential oil
  • Packaging Size: Small - 5*5*5cm Large - 7*7*7cm
  • Fragrance Lable printing: Accepts customized scent We can print the label as your requirement
  • Design: LOGO, outer packaging and pattern all accept customization
  • Product Detail

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    Product Description

    About the bottom
    Acandle made of pure handsBottom depression
    Cannat avoid

    About defectsm
    Acandle made of pure hands There may be bubbles of varying degrees、stomataor a little bit of varieqated color

    About color difference
    Manual color mixing
    Different batches of candles may be different colors
    We will try to minimize the color difference

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    Shell scented candles
    lmported paraffin, with plant essential oil
    Breathe in fragrance and poetryLight fragrance, full of happiness

    Order of use

    1. Cut the candle center to about 8mm
    2.Remove labels before use
    3.Usea match/lighter to light a candle
    4.Wax pools are formed during combustion

    Tips for using scented candles

    1. Aromatherapy candles should not be too short or too long each time you use them. The candles can be extinguished after 4 hours of continuous use. But don't burn for too long, too full aroma may be counterproductive.
    2. It is best not to light scented candles with different scents in the same room at the same time. If you want to try other
    scents, you can light it after the scent has dissipated.
    3. If you don't have a professional candle extinguisher, you can use toothpicks, iron wires and other items instead of pushingdown the candle wick.

    Rose Orange Lemon Grass Amber Sea
    Gardenia Apple Vanllia Eucalyptus Ocean breeze
    Jasmine and Lily Mango Mint Cedar Sea shore
    Lavender Verbena Coconut Sandalwood Beach boy
    Orchid Pear Green Tea Clean Linen Salt Air
    Cherry Blossom Thyme Sweet Berry Leather Summer Breezes
    Peony Tea and Ginger Cranberry Musk Island Mist
    Lotus Camellia Pomegranate Cotton Caribbean Escape
    Violet Vanilla bean Fig Wood Sea Fantasy
    X'max Cookies Apple Cinnamon Christmas Bell Pumpkin Pie Spice Dark Chocolate
    Vanilla Cake Coconut Cookies Butter Chocolate Christmas Cookie Pumpkin Cinnamon
    White Camellia Lemon Lime Patchouli Fresh Ocean Scent

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