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Scented Candle Answers│Ten questions and answers about scented candles

Should I pour out the melted wax oil after burning the aromatherapy candles?

No, the wax oil melted after the fire is extinguished after a few minutes it will re-consolidate, pouring will accelerate the life of the candle, but also cause a mess on the walls of the cup.

Why is it not recommended to buy aromatherapy candles made from paraffin wax?

Paraffin wax is extracted from petroleum and can be harmful to the human body when burned for a long time. So it is not recommended to buy.

Can people with rhinitis use aromatherapy candles?

I personally have a mild rhinitis, basically there is no such aroma that is particularly unacceptable, if it is more serious, you can choose some natural ingredients, the fragrance of a lighter candle.

Why can't I blow out the candles with my mouth?

Not can not, but not recommended, candles are lit above the liquid state, blowing with the mouth wax liquid will splash, easy to get into the eyes, it is recommended to use professional fire extinguishing methods.

Do scented candles have a shelf life?

Yes, the shelf life of unopened candles in about three years, if opened and used, try to use up within six months, the expiration date does not affect the use, but will allow the essential oils and odors evaporated, the use of nothing to taste.

Why do scented candles "sweat" in summer?

Because the temperature is higher in summer, the candle will have the phenomenon of essential oil precipitation, this is a normal phenomenon, does not affect the use.

Why is the flame of a wood wick candle unstable after it has been burned once?

Cotton wick candles need to be trimmed before use, as do wooden wicks, which need to be trimmed after a second use, otherwise the flame will be unstable.

What if the candle wick is too short and the flame does not burn?

You can light the candle first, then pour out some of the wax oil after it has melted, then wrap it in tinfoil and burn it flat.

Why does the scented candle come out of the cup?

If the temperature is too cold or too hot, the scented candle will be decanted, especially if it is made of pure soy wax and coconut wax, it is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use of the candle.

Are cotton wicks or wooden wicks good for scented candles?

Both have their merits, the wood wick will make a splintering sound very ambient, the cotton wick needs to be trimmed often, there is no which is better, depending on which one you prefer.

Post time: Jun-21-2023