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Lavender crystal soy candle

Short Description:

Romantic Lavender
Purple crystals with lavender petals.

Purple romantic lavender scent natural and relaxing flavour
Delicate candle
A compliment to a better life

Lavender’s flower symbolises “waiting for love”.
Purple crystals symbolise romance. Fidelity and love.

Soothing to the body and mind, gentle to sleep, it’s time to take off the hard armour and leave the scent of flowers in the soft heart.
“Love flowers, love romance, love all the fine rituals” Have a romantic encounter with flowers and aroma!

Product Detail

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Product Features

1 bottle of candles enough to accompany 180 romantic nights

200G large capacity Continuously burn 105 hours to give you a longer warm companionship

Pure vegetable soya wax, non-smoking burning, can be used by people and pets.

Smokeless burning, low temperature not hot hand

Vegetable essential oil

Essential oils up to 12% of the long-lasting fragrance expansion ability good
Expensive essential oils Even if you don't light it, the room will still smell good.

20 years of experience in perfumery, perfumed candles.
The scent is filtered through the top, middle and bottom notes to give you a different feeling at each time of the day.

Product Advantage

01/ High-quality raw materials in-house factory advantage

Natural plant extracts + natural essential oils + cotton wicks, melted wax oils can be used for skin care.

02/Large capacity and long-lasting burning
200g net content lasting burning 105 hours cost-effective.

03/Clean burning for pregnancy and baby
Smoke-free and harmless, does not produce harmful substances

Style Popular
Scent scented
Usage Parties Birthday Home Decration
Occasion Christmas, Thanksgiving, Wedding
MOQ 50 pcs
Logo Customized Logo Acceptable
Wick 1 Wick
Color Picture Showed
Burning time Long Time Burning
Type Soywax Candle
Product Keywords crystal scented candles,gemstone chakra crystal candle,aromatherapy scented soy wax gemstone crystal candle

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